What makes your phone, your phone.

In Short

In short, this rom features all the features you could practically want. Here, design comes first, as everything must flow elegantly. Much of our team is dedicated to make sure everything is bug free and aesthetically appealing. Of Course, beauty can't be described in words. For a real feel of the teal, experience it yourself.

It doesn't end there, Android is open source, so why make developement private? Here, everything we do can be seen, and also explained. We want to make the user's thoughts and dreams about his phone become a reality. No long shall you just wish, you want something then by all means you shall receive, just ask away!

Key Features

Somethings are a cut-above. Here is some of our most prasied features:

The Blur:

Why use solid colors? Why should the background be grey? Why so opaque? Let's replace that with some blur.

The other thing:

Mangos in the air, Flying past hair.


Has our wonder caught your eye? While deivce support is currently limited, we plan to extend to much more phones. In the mean time, builds are available for the devices below.

OnePlus One

First Deivce to be supported. Here, everything is instant.

Learn more

OnePlus 2

Love something? Set it free beneath the waves.

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